HEPC Helpline: 1800-180-2132 (10.00AM - 06.00PM, working days)

Central Inspection System

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Boiler should be shut down 24 hours before the inspection.
  • Boiler shell be empty thoroughly clean in all its parts.
  • All Doors of main hole, and hole, sight hole shell be open.
  • All mounting & fitting shell be open up and servicing should be done.
  • Disconnection of all steam and hot water connection for the boiler.
  • Blind/Blank flanges shell be infected between safety valve chest of the boiler.
  • Hydraulic pump should be provided for Hydraulic test at the time of inspection.
  • The chest of all mountings shell be in place and shut tight or blank flanges.
  • The Safety valve should be remove and replace with blank flanges.
  • The pressure gauge of boiler should be in order.
  • All doors should be properly joined and tightened up.
  • The Boiler Shell be completed filled with water and pressure up to 1.5 times the working pressure of the boiler after satisfactory.
  • Hydraulic test of boiler mountings and fittings along with steam pipe line certificate may issued.
  • All the mounting and fittings should be placed in order as per boiler drawing.
  • All the connection should be tightened and well connected with the steam pipe line.
  • Slow firing should be done and boiler attendant will check all the leakage of all joints of mounting and fittings and steam pipe lines.
  • I.D fan, F.D fan should be control by the pressure switch and water level controller.
  • Safety valve should be set at the allowable working pressure.
  • Water level should be check in the water tank.
  • Boiler should be run in the presence of Qualified B.O.E/Boiler attendant as per the capacity of the Boiler. It is the duty of the owner to run the boiler in safe and efficient working condition.