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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a boiler ?

Boiler is a closed vessel in which steam is generated for use external to itself but does not include a pressure vessel, if,

  1. Capacity less than 25 litres, or
  2. Design & working pressure less than 1 Kg/cm2, or
  3. Water is heated below 100°C
  4. (If any of the above condition is fulfilled then the vessel is not a boiler)

Is it necessary to get the boiler registered ?

Yes. As per section 7 of Boilers Act – 1923 it is mandatory to get the boiler registered.

What is the procedure of registration of a boiler?

Inspecting Authority of manufacturing State issues drawings and certificates (Form-II, III, IV-A & III-C) of boilers. Application for registration of boiler alongwith above documents, fee for registration through challan & ownership undertaking are to be submitted to Boiler Inspectorate. In case of big boilers requiring assembly & welding at site, details of appropriate class of boiler erector with consent letter & technical capability is also to be submitted. Boiler Inspectorate shall carryout inspection & necessary tests within 30 days from the date of receipt of application & shall permit use of boiler from the date of inspection.

What is the validity period of certificate of a boiler ?

Certificate of boiler is issued for a period of one year from the date of inspection after carrying out inspection/tests prescribed as per technical standards laid down in Indian Boiler Regulations – 1950 (IBR – 1950).

Is it mandatory to get the boiler inspected every year? Whether inspection can be offered before the due date ?

Section 6(c) of Boilers Act – 1923 prohibits use of a boiler after expiry of validity of its certificate. Hence, it is mandatory to get the boiler inspected after expiry of validity period. If plant is forced shutdown due to other reasons, inspection of boiler can be arranged during the period of shutdown; i.e. before the validity of the certificate so that boiler may not be stopped again for annual inspection.

Whether boiler has to be stopped if application for inspection of boiler is submitted before due date but Boiler Inspectorate does not fix a date for inspection?

As per provision of section 8(4) of the Boilers Act – 1923 Boiler Inspectorate has to carry out inspection within 15 days from the date of receipt of application. If Boiler Inspectorate does not carry out inspection then owner of boiler is entitled to use the boiler as per section 10(1) of the Act.

Whether annual inspection of a boiler is compulsory if boiler is not to be used in future ?

A valid certificate is mandatory for use of a boiler. If boiler is not to be use in future after expiry of validity, then annual inspection of boiler is not necessary. It is desirable to intimate to Boiler Inspectorate for not using the boiler in future.

What is the procedure to declare a boiler as condemned ?

Unserviceable boiler has to be cut into pieces & scrapped so that same can not be illegally used. Such scrapped boiler should be offered for physical inspection so that its registration may be cancelled & all States may be intimated.

Under what circumstances a boiler with valid certificate can not be used ?

A boiler with valid certificate can not be used under following circumstances:-

  1. When any accident occurs to the boiler.
  2. When boiler is shifted from its place to other place (not applicable for portable boiler or boiler less than 20 square metre of heating surface area).
  3. When any alteration, addition or renewal is made.
  4. When Chief Inspector directs to make any alteration, addition or renewal.
  5. When an order is sent by Boiler Inspectorate to owner that boiler or steam pipe line are in dangerous condition.

What action is required after accident in a boiler ?

As per provision of section 18 of the Act, intimation of accident with full details must be submitted within 24 hours to Boiler Inspectorate & damaged boiler should not be used. Boiler Inspectorate shall carry out investigation & shall propose necessary repairs. After carrying out suggested repairs, inspection & necessary tests of boiler shall be carried out and boiler shall be permitted for further use.

What is steam pipe line ?

“Steam pipe” means any pipe through which steam passes if

  1. the pressure at which steam passes through such pipe exceeds 3.5 Kg/cm2 above atmospheric pressure, or
  2. such pipe exceeds 254 millimetre in internal diameter and pressure of steam exceeds 1.0 Kg/cm2 above atmospheric pressure and includes in either of the above cases any connected fitting of steam pipe.

Whether it is compulsory to get prior approval for drawing of steam pipe line before installation. If yes, why ?

Prior approval for drawing of steam pipe line is compulsory. As per requirement of service conditions (steam pressure & temperature), the design of pipe line & its material specification, gradient, drainage, support, arrangement of isolation for safety and capacity of safety valves etc. are checked as per technical standards prescribed in IBR-1950. Thus, the safety of pipe line is ensured so that it may not explode during use.