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Central Inspection System

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for Central Inspection Framework portal

What is the Role of Central Inspection System portal?

The Government of Haryana has constituted a Central Inspection System for industries as part of “Ease of Doing Business” framework for improving the inspection of industrial establishment in the state.

What are the benefits of the Central Inspection System for the industry?

Before implementation of this system, industrial establishments were subjected to multiple visits from different bodies often checking on the same things, and on some occasions, contradicting each other. By adopting Central Inspection system, ambiguity such as duplication & overlapping mandates between inspection authorities, general lack of cooperation & coordination are eradicated.

Whose mobile number and e-mail address are to be provided?

Industry owner mobile no. and email is mandatory.

How can the industry know about its inspection schedule?

The industry will receive the prior inspection schedule in the registered e-mail and mobile.

Is it required for the industry to inform different inspectors from Boilers, Labour Department and Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB)?

No, the industry need not inform different department for inspections. The system generated e-mail and mobile messages will also be sent to corresponding inspectors

What is the process for conducting inspection and the checklist to be followed during inspections, by inspectors from Boilers, Labour and pollution control board, of the industry? Have the inspection parameters changed under this system?

There is no change in the existing format for inspection. The Central Inspection System only provides the synchronized inspection schedule of different departments. However, the industry can check the inspection format of different departments available on the portal.